A wide range of economic forces and policies shape the financial landscape of our country and the financial well-being of every American.

The issues that impact the American pocketbook are vast, interconnected and massively interwoven with the other issue categories included on this site. Complexity, however, shouldn’t be a deterrent to effecting positive change or striving to answer such questions as:

How do we grow our economy? (Increase the minimum wage? Advocate for small businesses? Push for government stimulus programs?) How do we achieve economic fairness? (By advancing equal pay for men and women? Raising taxes on the wealthy? Making corporations pay a greater share?) What’s our proper place in the global economy? (More international trade agreements or fewer? Limiting our international debt?)

Meaningful change starts with developing policies that are grounded in solid economic reasoning and evidence. Implementing them starts with moving good ideas from the kitchen table into the public arena through advocacy and action.

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