U.S. immigration policy deals with the rules and treatment of people moving into our country, whether they be legal or illegal immigrants, refugees or individuals seeking political asylum.

The question of how to reform our immigration system is much bigger than deciding what to do about the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants—neighbors, family members, coworkers and community members—that live within our borders. It also demands a closer and more honest look at the estimated 31 million immigrants who are here legally, as well as the million or so who come to our country legally each year in order to advance immigration policies that are sound, just, fair, beneficial and humane.

Perhaps no other issue speaks more loudly to the rest of the world about our values as Americans than how we as a country treat immigration. It’s time to force our politicians move beyond immigration as a wedge issue and muster the political courage to create a system that honors our rich immigrant history and makes us stronger as a nation.

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