American infrastructure comprises the fundamental systems, structures and facilities that support a community, a region or the entire country.

Our roads, water systems, seaports, bridges, health care systems and telecommunications networks—to name a tiny number of the systems that make up America’s infrastructure—are national assets that do much more than enable society to function smoothly. They also drive economies, improve health, increase safety, generate jobs and strengthen our global competitiveness. Yet lawmakers frequently fail to prioritize infrastructure challenges as the critical opportunities for growth and success that they are, leading to a sharp drop-off in the quality of many systems that just a generation ago were the envy of the world.

Successful delivery, maintenance and operation of infrastructure, including projects in the public, private and non-profit sectors, require informed policy and strategic funding at the local, state and federal levels. Prompting leaders in government to move infrastructure needs to the tops of their agendas depends on activists like you pushing for change that is smart, fair, economical and effective.

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