MAD Lunch with Sue Bell Cobb

Tired of Alabama showing up last in every “quality of life” survey? Then come to the next M.A.D.? Make A Difference lunch Tuesday Aug. 22 to meet and talk to Sue Bell Cobb, Democratic Candidate for Governor. Get to know the woman behind one of the most successful and sustained efforts to improve the health and welfare of Alabama women, children and families. Justice Cobb is also an amazing politician, with the right priorities and common-sense, roll-up-your sleeves pragmatism that will appeal to progressive as well as independent voters. Please respond here or email Jennifer Greer at to confirm attendance and # of guests at the lunch. Bring a friend, a family member, partner or spouse! Everyone is going to want to know Justice Cobb. Go to Justice Cobb’s political website at to read her biography and her announcement, including her strong stands on jobs, education, children’s welfare, and juvenile justice reform, among other issues. Her personal website, at , is also informative, chronicling 35 years of public service in Alabama. For a personal touch, check out this video of her announcement at Sold on Justice Cobb? Be sure to “Like” her Facebook page at