HOW WE WILL FORUM ~ Los Angeles 2017

Los Angeles 2017

We are initiating new forms in many of our communities, yet the world remains at risk of ever greater devastation for billions of people.

In our current age of massive disruptions, inequality, wars and injustice, we must create systemic changes now for future generations. We can recognize an imbalance where politics and financial interests impede on the freedom of culture and render it voiceless. Today it is our task to strengthen, unite and forge an identity for the Cultural realm.
Can we transform our systems to better serve earth and our humanity?

This is where Threefolding enters in as an idea whose time has come. Our central theme will be the theory and practice of Social Threefolding, developed by Rudolf Steiner as an impulse for peace after World War I. It is an idea that invites a moral imagination of brother/sisterhood in the economic realm, equality in the political realm and freedom in the cultural realm. This systemic shift can alter the course of these increasingly challenging times towards a more beautiful humanity where each individual has the freedom to develop their fullest potential.

By uniting the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) within our local communities, we begin to shift not only our own identification and autonomy of cultural power, but will also have the strength of virtue and experience to climb from the city, state, and nation out into the global realms of polity, economy, and culture. This is how we can create a powerful Cultural Collective that stands side by side with the economic and political powers of today.

In our community in LA, we’ve been asking what the pictures of war, genocide, prison and military industrial complexes, food and water shortage, terrorism, addiction, depression, and massive income disparity have in common, and how might these disruptions shift if politics and money were wholly disentangled? If mindfulness radiated from the core of our leaders’ decision making?

What would the water protectors of Standing Rock have been able to achieve if the economic and political interest had not overruled the cultural needs of the Native Americans living there? What if the cultural realm could have had an equal seat at the table?

What if we could generate the beginning of a system shifting from profit being our ever-driving imperative into sustainability and empathy being our maximizing objective? We’re sure that many others are asking the same questions, and also know that our world would be a much different place if we had a separation of powers, a revival of culture, and worked on our mindfulness from inner self to outer work. If we all come together, we have a huge chance to shift the roots of our dying system from Me to WE.
Through lectures, capacity building workshops and collaborative design, we will develop ourselves as change agents together with Threefolding activists from around the world.

What new tools, skills, levels of listening, mindfulness, forms of capital and alternative currencies, and generative ideas can we gain in order to truly develop our cultural voice and potential to connect and heal us all? And those so marginalized that they cannot be in the room with us?
We’re excited to learn, to listen, and to have you join our expanding community and its critical work– and for us to join yours!

Dear friends, please join us in Los Angeles as
we seek a way forward, worthy of the unborn
generations to come. your ideas and initiatives
are needed, your voice is needed here.