Indivisible Suffragists Huddle No. 20


SUBJECT NATTER : Marshal Training for the Indivisible March

KEYNOTE SPEAKER : Stephanie Tatro

OVERVIEW : 15 to 20 Volunteers are needed for the upcoming August Recess Indivisible March Los Angeles. A Marshal Training packet will be provided basued upon what was authored for the Impeachment March. Details such as the route and possible friction zones will be identified by the time of the training. Volunteers who become Marshals should understand that they will be walking back and forth throughout the march. Please understand that those participating will be removing themselves from normal participation to ensure the safety of the participants, such as attending to Marchers in need of hydration. Marshals are an honorable position in respect to the event as to safety and will not be able to lead chants or wave signs. Marshals may, however, make and donate signs previous to the Indivisible March and materials will be offered for those who wish to contribute their creative abilities after Marshal Traing has been completed during our social breakout.

CONCLUSION : As this particualr Indivisble Suffragists will be the 20th huddle to date, we will celebrate with an open social breakout to make general announcemnts and freely discuss various issues relating to the current politial climate.

NOTE: Though Indivisible Suffragists endorses the fundraising of many likeminded Non-Profit Organizations (i.e., etc.), currently our Indivisible Group is not registered as an official NPO and therefore we are not seeking donations for Indivisible Suffragists at this time. All we ask is that those attending the weekly Huddle order from the Du-Par’s “Beat the Clock” menu where if you order between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. the price you pay for your meal is whatever the time is (i.e. Order at 4:11 p.m. and you pay $4.11 for the meal + drink). Unless specifically stated otherwise, parking in the back is complementary on Sunday’s.

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