Lorenzo Cruz: Police Report? More Questions Than Answers

So the family received what we demanded..

Video coverage…still what happened?
Police report…hey Rocklin PD what happened?
Autopsy report…we still dont know what in the hell happened.

There are so many damn gaps and inconsistencies.

200 pages of BS in that report.

He was holding a toy gun? Then why the bullet holes in his hand?

Police tried to pull over and let him go cause he flee’d an hour before?

First he was breaking in a house cause he was banging on a door? Who does that?

Chased by a white truck earlier? Wait same white truck in the driveway of the house he is accused of “breaking into?”

Wait he knew the girl that lived in that house tho?

Wait what? The father in that house is ex law enforcement?

How come you could hear gun shots during the 911 call when police werent even there yet?

How come they didn’t confiscate the gun of the man that lived in the house and admitted to pulling his gun out and pursuing Lorenzo?

Yea we have lots of questions that need answers, and those police involved need to get to answering or we are going to assume they need to be convicted of conspiracy to cover up a murder.

When: September 14, 2017
Where: Sierra College in Rocklin
Time: 12:00pm

Come on!