The Intersections of Oppression and Sexual Violence

This training will explore the role of intersectionality and oppression in the lives of survivors of sexual violence. The unique challenges that many survivors face due to their identities often negatively impact their willingness to disclose their experiences or to seek critical interventions. Training participants will explore how oppression and discrimination based on race, class, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, ability and other identities may present barriers to survivors. This training will offer a critical lens to working with victims from oppressed groups and develop vital skills for working to address and overcome these barriers.

When you arrive for this training, please use the 98 Pitkin Street doorway which is to the left of The Alliance’s 96 Pitkin Street entrance. Walk down the hallway until you arrive at the Training & Advocacy Center entrance on the right. Parking is available in any unmarked space at the front, right and rear of the building. Carpooling is encouraged.

This training is open to the public and costs $40 per attendee. If you require continuing education credits, the training fee is $50. As noted in PA 10-38 (Licensure of Master and Clinical Social Work) and NASW’s State of Connecticut Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Provider Policy, continuing education hours can only be awarded if an attendee successfully completes the entire training; therefore, full attendance in the entire training activity is required. Participants who arrive late, miss any portion of the training, or leave early will not be eligible for continuing education hours.