Pipeline to Prison Youth Justice

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In honor of Youth Justice Awareness Month, LWV Pensacola Bay Area invites the community to join us for a short documentary film, panel discussion, and Q&A about the effects of youth being incarcerated as adults. Co-Sponsored by the Coffee Party USA – Pensacola, FL, Southern Poverty Law Center, Campaign for Youth Justice, and ACLU.

In Florida, the decision to try a child arrested, either as a juvenile or as an adult is made by State’s Attorney who has the sole discretion in that judicial district. A trial as an adult leads to adult records, and if incarcerated, youth will be in adult prisons which lack the educational and rehabilitative accommodations available in juvenile facilities.

The Florida statute gives the State’s Attorney sole authority without any defense or judicial oversight. Last year’s legislative session saw a single Senate bill designed to change this law and that bill died in committee. This program will take a look at the Florida law and at the effect of adult incarceration of youths on us and our children. Instructions will be given on actions you can take to make changes.

Dinner will be available for purchase.

Please RSVP to Paula Montgomery
(850) 438-8891

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