Civil LIberties Symposium 2017

Save the date and get your tickets early – space limited!

Join your local ACLU Saturday, October 28 from noon to 4 p.m. for a Civil Liberties Symposium!

The ACLU’s role is to keep the government honest in its protection of our fundamental freedoms. We want the community to learn and share how each person can be their own best advocate so the government will think twice about violating your rights.

The Symposium will look at government abuse in several areas, promising a day of thought-provoking information and simple steps that you can take that can have a powerful effect on your life and your community.

A keynote speech will update civil rights advocates on the State of Hawaii’s important case “Hawai‘i v. Trump,” pushing back against White House executive orders on travel so blatantly targeted, they have been popularly dubbed a “Muslim Ban.”

Following the keynote speech, activists can choose two of three rotating workshops rounding out the day. Panelists will share insights on the latest developments, and leave time for audience questions and comments:

1. ALOHA WITHOUT BORDERS: Immigrant’s rights, the Trump administration’s retrograde attacks on immigration. The national landscape, Hawaii’s response. (Lawyers: CLE credits are planned)

2. SMART JUSTICE: Crime is flat, but the number of people Hawai‘i locks up keeps rising and rising. Our prisons and jails are bursting at the seams, and it makes no one safer. How to fix it? We have some ideas.

3. TAKECTRL: In an age of mass surveillance, tracking and profiling, does privacy have meaning? Is it worth defending – and how? We’ll talk about personal, local and national efforts.