Jason Van Dyke Hearing 1/18- Justice for Laquan!

JUSTICE FOR LAQUAN! Stop the delays! Set a trial date NOW!

7:00 am – First Come-First Serve, roundtrip limited Bus seats available leaving Alliance office, must **** RSVP by phone to our office by January 16 (name, cell number), or through our Bus event registration. https://www.eventbrite.com/o/chicago-alliance-against-racist-and-political-repression-16492561412

8am – Rally & protest outside the courthouse
Cook County Court House, 2650 S California Ave, Chicago
9am – Hearing in Room 500
Cook County Court House, 2650 S California Ave, Chicago

We are asking everyone to show up for the next hearing of Jason Van Dyke, the police officer who was seen on video shooting Laquan McDonald 16 times.

During the last hearing, Judge Vincent Gaughan dismissed the defense’s THIRD attempt to have the case dismissed. Van Dyke’s lawyers are doing everything in their power to let him go.

Remember, it was the PEOPLE who took to the streets to demand the resignation of McCarthy, it was the PEOPLE who removed Anita Alvarez from office, and it was the PEOPLE who demanded Van Dyke’s arrest.

It will be the PEOPLE who put Van Dyke behind bars.

A rare moment in the history of police crimes in Chicago is being played out as a police officer is on trial for First Degree Murder. STAY FOCUSED.