Fight Toxic Prisons at EKU!

Join us for a panel exploring the organizing and activism occurring at the intersection of prison abolition and the environment by members of the Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons (FTP).

This panel will feature a number of committed organizers exploring the following topics:
–#OperationPUSH: Reflections on Supporting the Florida Statewide Prison Strike
–Environmental Justice Behind Bars: Toxic Conditions in Pennsylvania Penitentiaries
–The Letcher Governance Project: Anti-Prison Resistance in Central Appalachia
–The Prison Ecology Mapping Project: A Preliminary Geo-Spatial Analysis of Prisons Through the EPA EJSCREEN Tool

FTP is a national collective composed of radical environmentalists, environmental justice activists, abolitionists, anarchists, communists, lawyers, academics, journalists, former and current prisoners, and their loved ones. Each presentation will include a short reflection by the panelists on how they think academics might best contribute to building grassroots movements.

— This panel is Part of the New Directions in Critical Criminology Conference