Indivisible MI 11th & Working Families First Canvass

On Saturday, August 19th at 10:00 AM Indivisible 11th and Working America volunteers will launch a mass canvass at Compton Park (Alexander and Lydon ST, Livonia, Michigan).

OUR GOAL: To speak to voters and ask them to sign a petition demanding that Representative Trott vote against Donald Trump’s drastic budget bill that will gut programs like, Job training programs by 40%, Soc. Sec. Disability Insurance, Soc. Sec. Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, Meals on Wheels, Anti-Poverty programs, EPA, Department of Education other vital programs that support Michigan workers.

Michigan’s Eleventh Congressional District is our target. Working people in the district are desperate for a government that puts their needs before deep-pocketed corporate lobbyists. Unfortunately, the current representative of the district, Rep. Trott, has voted 100% in line with the Trump agenda that leaves our hard working neighbors high and dry. Working America and Indivisible 11th volunteers will engage voters to raise awareness and explain how the Trump/Trott agenda is putting corporate profits before the people!