HR 147 Criminalization of Abortion

The bill is worded in such a way that it intends to protect unborn fetuses from discrimination based on gender or race. However, this bill actually criminalizes performing, obtaining, or getting paid for performing an abortion. In addition to criminalization of abortion, it criminalizes the transportation of a woman across state lines to obtain an abortion.

The use of sex-selection abortions as reason for legislation resulting in criminalization of abortions will lead to more abandonment and harmĀ of infants post-birth because the birth of an infant does not change the preference of the parents. Furthermore, as clearly stated in the bill under Section (D), sex-selection abortions are typically performed in the later stages of pregnancy. That being late 2nd or even 3rd trimester. Late-stage abortions have there own set of laws and protections. This law targets abortion as a whole and will lead to the coat-hanger abortions performed out of desperation that once were the way prior to the Roe V. Wade ruling.

Speak out against HR 147.

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