Portland Propaganda Party- Eclipse Edition

Propaganda Party- Community Defense: Eclipse Edition

Propaganda Parties are events where artists and organizers gather to hang out and distribute free material (posters, prints, stickers, flyers, banners, anything), to socialize and to imagine better ways to link art and movements. Live screenprinting of slogans, images, graphics and designs reflecting political and social themes is part of the party too. The third Portland Propaganda Party will take place in the Paragon Gallery at PCC Cascade Campus, 815 North Killingsworth, from 5-9 pm on Friday August 18th.
The theme of this event is Community Defense. In the aftermath of the violence and alienation of the past several months, we want to create a context where people can consider what it means to defend communities. Tell your friends, your colleagues and your comrades to come hang out, pick up some art, and help us figure out how to use art to help movements do the work that needs to be done.

These events are put together by a group of Portland artists and organizers who work in a variety of movements, and using a variety of tactics. We have in common a belief that visual art can shift consciousness and bring people together, and we want to use that power to uplift communities and help them feel strong enough to defend themselves in the current climate.

Any questions? Contact Roger at toosphexy@gmail.com or Esther at estherpdx@gmail.com