An Evening of Dissent w/Bill and HRC

We are calling for a demonstration at former President Bill and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s appearance at Irving Music Factory.

The Democratic Party has sold out to corporate interests and whether you’re #DemExit, #DemEnter, Green or Independent, the Clinton’s neoliberalism cannot define the Democratic Party.

The working class needs alternatives to neoliberalism and nationalism. We can demonstrate to widen the range of debate for attendees and media and to show the Democratic Party why they need to move left to serve the interests of the working class and not corporations with our disruption of this event.

Not intended as an exhaustive, required or limiting list, just a few ideas for sign themes:

� Anti-war

� Anti-capitalist

� Criminal justice reform / Abolish the prisons

� Black Lives Matter

� Single-Payer Medicare for All

� Living wages / Worker rights

� No human is illegal / no borders

� Bankers got bailed out, workers got sold out

The Clintons are figureheads of the “Clinton Doctrine” Democratic Party of today. We need to show up to say we are not “blue no matter who!” No Clintons in 2020, no neoliberals, no corporatists.

No justice, no peace. ✊️ �