Flashmob for Resistance

No matter what issue you care about most in our home here in Austin and our entire nation – there’s never been a more crucial moment to give your all. Fellow resisters, let’s come together in solidarity to remind our elected officials that We The People care about the greater good while reminding our communities in Austin and our entire nation that being civically engaged is critical to invoking positive change. We The People. Come Together. Right Now. We Are the Resistance!

You are invited to join a creative non-violent performance art action in Austin, Texas “Flashmob for Resistance”. The performance will be quick, simple to prepare for, and is designed so anyone can participate regardless of performing arts ability. Although, there will be an opportunity for some group members to have more of a spotlight role. Kids age 8 and up welcome with an adult.

After the performance, you’re invited to socialize and share refreshments with other members of the community, including local artists.

Attendance at one rehearsal is requested, but not required to get involved.

This is a flashmob so information here is limited. Please contact us directly if you are interested in attending or participating in this action.