Study Group: Reclaiming MLK’s Radical Legacy Free Childcare

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We are in a moment of growing awareness of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s radical politics. Recent years have seen a resurgence of attempts to reclaim the radical legacy of King, from the National Council of Elders’ commemoration of the 50th anniversary of King’s “Breaking the Silence” speech to direct actions in Chicago and the Bay area that lift up current struggles while challenging the version of King celebrated by mainstream society. We will discuss two of King’s most famous speeches, get a dose of Grace Lee Boggs’ wisdom and her own journey of coming to understanding King’s powerful ideas, and discuss the process by which King’s legacy was coopted by the Right. Please read/watch the following and come ready to discuss!

Speech at the Great March on Detroit (MLK Jr., 1963) (should auto-play the rest of it after)

From Marx to Malcolm and Martin (Grace Lee Boggs, 2003)

Breaking the Silence (speech by MLK Jr., 1967)
– Excerpt by Lin-Manuel Miranda:
– Transcript of original speech:

History, Collective Memory, and the Appropriation of Martin Luther King, Jr.: Reagan’s Rhetorical Legacy (Bostdorff and Goldzwig, 2005)