City Rising Film Screening

‘City Rising’ Sacramento Film Screening:

City Rising is a KCET special documentary film and multi-media project that analyzes six California communities undergoing gentrification: Boyle Heights and South Central in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Ana, Oakland and the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento.

Gentrification arrives with promises of revitalization but has also developed from a history of discriminatory laws and practices in the United States. City Rising illuminates this history and reveals how gentrification is traditionally molded and dictated by those in power.

Join us for a reception, the film and an amazing panel of Sacramento based Community Organizers – all women – who work every day organizing and advocating to correct historic wrongs in our neighborhoods. These women work tirelessly to build community power with those who continue to suffer from institutionalized racism, discrimination, abuse, violence, and economic, social and political injustices.

What: Sacramento Reception & Screening of City Rising

Where: Organize Sacramento- 1714 Broadway, Sacramento, 95818

When: October 20th
5:30pm- Reception
6:15pm- Local Film Short
6:30pm- City Rising Screening
7:45pm- Panel Discussion

Tickets are free

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$150- RIVER CITY LEVEL: Recognition at event & social media

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Hosted by: #BLM Sac, Sac ACCE, Sac CLT, Sac SHA, Public Advocates, & Organize Sacramento

Coalition of local Sacramento women Community Organizers.

Tanya Faison, #BLM Sac; Katie Valenzuela, Sac CLT; Veronica Beaty, SHA; Jovana Fajardo, Sac ACCE, Cha Vang; HIP, Donielle Prince, #BLM Sac; Michelle Pariset, Public Advocates; Tamie Dramer, Org Sac

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