Fight the Right! Build the Left! Join the Socialists!

The Trump administration’s war on working people has emboldened the far right, leading to a rise in violent attacks by extremists and open rallies by the alt-right and the KKK in Berkeley, Portland, and Charlottesville. Democratic politicians have failed to pose a real alternative to Trump and the right, instead saying we need to hold back on demands that would alleviate the immiseration facing working people, like taxing the rich, single payer healthcare, and a living wage.

At the same time, the opportunities to build the left and socialist organization are the best they’ve been in decades. We need to mobilize a mass movement to defeat the far right on the streets. And we must construct a left political alternative that raises people’s hopes and builds solidarity against the right’s attempts to scapegoat the poor, minorities, women, immigrants, and people of color for rising inequality and social despair.

Socialism – the politics of a democratic working class movement from below – is the revolutionary answer to right wing populism and neoliberal centrism. Socialist organization must be a central component of this new left if we are to effectively challenge Trump and the far right and fight for a better future.