Restore Democracy Los Angeles

The Restore Democracy Amendment is the most viable amendment proposal to overturn Citizens United and get big money out of politics. Join us for our monthly meeting and strategy session to support the Amendment and related campaign finance reforms.

Our August meeting is an important one since we just met with over 20 Congressional offices about the amendment. We have news, and a couple new volunteer projects to dive into so we will be discussing the latest developments and deciding on our next steps. If you are already familiar with the amendment then be sure to join us because we need to maintain our momentum But we strongly encourage first timers to attend this Meetup since this is a great time to join the fight to overturn Citizens United and there are many opportunities to get involved. To learn more about the Restore Democracy Amendment and Citizens Take Action visit

The meeting is in the community room of the police station. There is free street parking available right outside. So please RSVP, bring a friend or two, and help restore government that truly works for We The People!