I Support the Veto to Stop the Republican Anti-Worker Budget


Please join community leaders and residents to express our disappointment with the Republican budget proposal and demonstrate our support for a VETO of this horrible bill.

What Happened?

Last Friday, eight anti-worker Democrats in the House and Senate joined Republicans in passing a draconian budget that systematically rips away economic and political power from working class families, particularly the working poor.

This devastating budget now goes to Governor Malloy who will either sign or veto.

No one really knows what’s going to happen, but we do know that things are moving fast and we need to take our power back.

Just how bad is it?

-It cuts the Citizens’ Election Program, undermining democracy by opening the dark money floodgates for corporate politicians and prevents people without wealthy connections from running competitive campaigns

-It guts education for our kids, diminishing our economic and political future

-It bankrupts Hartford, putting the health of our state at risk and thousands of Hartford families on economic life support

-It implements backdoor tax increases aimed squarely at working and middle class families, including higher property and car taxes

-It dismantles the fundamental collective bargaining rights that allow people to negotiate better livelihoods and provide for their families

-It cuts essential programs, including the Earned Income Tax Credit that allows poor and working poor families to pay bills and stay afloat