Pack City Hall for REAL Affordable Housing

Thursday August 31st at 1pm the Community Development/Human Services and Finance/Executive Committees wil hold a joint work session to discuss ordinance 17-0-1463- legislation proposing the sale of surplus city land for development as affordable housing to meet the needs of low wage workers.

Essentially if passed the city would have to assess all the land they own and determine what property would most appropriately be developed for housing. Affordable housing developers would have the opportunity to purchase the land for $! in exchange for entering a binding agreement to develope the land for the 0-30% area medium income, our cities greatest need.

If Atlanta continues to have some of the nations worst housing safety nets, weakest tenant rights, and lowest minimun wage we have a moral and economic obligation that housing is availible to the whole spectrum of workers in our city, including low wage workers.

Join us Thursday August 31st to send a clear message to city hall!