Where We Stand: Nonprofit Sector Updates for 2018

Start the new year with information that every organization will need to help guide policy and advocacy decisions, going forward.

State of Illinois Updates:

The current political and economic landscape continues to pose complex challenges for human service organizations. To help nonprofits prepare for 2018, Judith Gethner of Illinois Partners for Human Service, the largest shared voice of human service organizations across the state, takes an in-depth look at how the following areas will impact providers:

*2018 Illinois state budget
*Illinois General Assembly retirements, new members
*Fair tax campaign
*New managed care rollout
*Reframing to change the way the public, legislators think about human services


Tax Reform and Its Impact on Nonprofits:

What will ultimately be signed into law is anyone’s guess. By the time we meet, the decision may be made and we will discuss those provisions that will have a significant impact on the nonprofit sector. Frank Paul, CPA, Board Member—Illinois Partners for Human Service, will provide information on:

*Charitable Deductions
*Cap on Itemizations
*Lower Tax Rates
*State legislative action/inaction

About Illinois Partners for Human Service: Illinois Partners is statewide network that advocates for high quality, evidence-based sustainable approaches to providing human service in Illinois. With more than 800 coalition partners in every legislative district across the state, Illinois Partners believes our human service system must be well-managed, maintained and renewed in order for people to reach their full potential.