Public Hearing on Medicaid Expansion Implementation

Join us on Monday, April 9, at 2pm at the Maine State House, room 228, for a public hearing on implementing Medicaid expansion!

The Appropriations and Financial Affairs committee will hold a public hearing on legislation that would appropriate money to fund the administrative costs of expanding Medicaid.

In November, Maine people voted decisively to expand access to Medicaid to more than 70,000 people. Medicaid expansion is the law, and the law is clear that people should become eligible for coverage beginning July 2, 2018. While the governor stalls, we are pleased that the Legislature is moving forward with funding implementation that will hold the governor accountable for following the law. Appropriating funding for the administrative costs of implementing Medicaid expansion is an important first step that will get the ball rolling.

The money is there for expansion, particularly with a revenue surplus of $140 million and other funding options. We urge the Legislature to act to appropriate any funding that’s needed and force the Governor to begin implementation.

Medicaid expansion is the law thanks to the strong majority of Maine voters who passed it. Now, thousands of Maine people are counting down to health care, which should become available to them through Medicaid in July. There are no reasonable excuses for the state to deny care to the people who are waiting.