March Against Injustice

Join us as we silently march across campus to call on Boston College to respect the rights of graduate workers and recognize our union, the Boston College Graduate Employees Union-UAW.

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We will begin our march at 12:00 PM (Location TBA). We will have signs, but please feel free to bring your own.

Please check back for updates and announcements regarding the event.

Why are we marching?
Last September a majority of graduate workers voted for unionization in a fair election held by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Prior to the election, Boston College filed a request for review with the DC NLRB relying on President Trump’s anti-labor appointees to overturn two key precedents to revoke labor rights for graduate workers at private universities as well as academic workers at religious institutions. Despite a larger majority of graduate workers asking Boston College to drop their appeal, Boston College remained steadfast in their refusal to recognize the union. In February, due to the developments with the DC NLRB, we, the BCGEU-UAW, decided to withdraw our petition from the National Labor Relations Board in order to preserve both legal precedents for academic workers across the country. This decision does not mean that we are no longer a union. Rather, we are seeking another route to recognition that does not jeopardize the legal rights of workers across the country to unionize. We are still a union and are not going away. We are marching to demonstrate to the Boston College administration that we are not going away as we continue to demand that Boston College respect the results of the September NLRB election, recognize the BCGEU-UAW, and come to the bargaining table. We hope you will join us in this historic event!