Islam, #BlackLivesMatter, & Race in America

Join ISJIE for a conversation with Dr. Su’ad Abdul-Khabeer on September 27 at Union Theological Seminary!

Social Hall, Union Theological Seminary**
3041 Broadway
New York, New York 10027

Refreshments will be served.

This event is free and open to public with prior registration. Please RSVP today as space is limited:

We will be selling a limited # of copies of Dr. Abdul Khabeer’s recent work, “Muslim Cool: Race, Religion, and Hip Hop in the United States” for a discount price of $20 (cash only).

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About the Speaker:

Su’ad Abdul Khabeer is a scholar-artist-activist who uses anthropology and performance to explore the intersections of race and popular culture. Her latest work, Muslim Cool: Race, Religion and Hip Hop in the United States (NYU Press 2016), is an ethnography on Islam and hip hop that examines how intersecting ideas of Muslimness and Blackness challenge and reproduce the meanings of race in the US.

Dr. Abdul-Khabeer’s written work is accompanied by her one-woman solo performance, Sampled: Beats of Muslim Life. She leads Sapelo Square, the first website to comprehensively document and analyze the Black US American Muslim experience. Dr. Abdul-Khabeer has written for The Root, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Ebony Magazine, the Huffington Post, and Religious Dispatches and has appeared on Al Jazeera English.

She received her Ph.D. from Princeton University and is currently an assistant professor of anthropology and African American studies at Purdue University.

About ISJIE:

The Islam, Social Justice, and Interreligious Engagement Program (ISJIE) promotes academic and public education aimed at cultivating diverse Islamic responses to pressing social justice issues. It seeks to generate innovative and informed discourse on topics, such as climate change, racism, religious pluralism, violence, poverty and economic inequality, incarceration, and gender and sexuality. Affirming the value of dialogical exchange and recognizing that social justice issues require cooperative reflection and action, ISJIE activities are undertaken in a deliberately interreligious fashion, and seek to engage a broad range of religious and non-religious voices. To learn more about us, visit

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**We at ISJIE are constantly working to make our events as open and easily accessible to everyone. Social Hall is on the ground floor of UTS (street level) with a ramp leading up to the entrance, and thus will be wheelchair accessible. If you require specific accomodations, or have any concerns, please do not hesitate to message us directly or email us at