Lower East Side Radical History Tour

Walking tour of Alphabet City, #LES with squats, gardens, riots, uprisings and more. From the Civil War Draft Riots of the 1860s to the Young Lords, Black Panthers, hippies, Yippies and Up Against the Wall Motherf*ckers of the 1960s, to the Tompkins Square anarchists of the ’80s to the tree-hugging urban enviros of the ’90s to the neighborhood Earthies keeping the legacy alive today. Check it out.

This weekly walking tour starts at the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space, 155 Avenue C at 3pm every Sunday and costs $20. The tour requires a minimum three people, and lasts for about two hours. For more info, reviews and videos about our tours, check out: http://www.morusnyc.org/category/tours/about-our-tours/

Also, here are 5 things you will learn on the Lower East Side Radical History Tour that you probably didn’t know:
1.The radical politics of the songwriter who penned the “Wizard of Oz” soundtrack.
2. What building in the East Village links the Gershwin brothers, the Black Panthers and Iggy Pop.
3. What park in the East Village was the secret birthplace of both the Hare Krishna movement and Occupy Wall Street.
4. How New York City’s recycling program began as an iniative of East Village community activists.
5. Why the same area of the city has been variously known as Burnt Mill Point, Drydock, Little Germany, Klein Deutschland, the Lower East Side, Loisaida, the East Village and Alphabet City.