Finding a Path to Equity: Media’s Role in Advocating for Youth

Over the last several years, the percentage of Cleveland’s children living in poverty has increased steadily, topping out at 52 percent in a report released late last year. The barriers faced by these children and their families are enormous – especially for those whose poverty spans multiple generations – affecting their ability to lead rewarding lives and preventing the region from thriving.

While many state and local organizations have put forth concerted efforts to assist children, it’s often not enough. Recently, print and television media have prioritized stories about the plight of poor children and urged the community to collaborate to take action. Will it work? What other efforts can – and should – the media take to a work with researchers, policy makers, and programs to help children out of poverty?

Join us for a conversation on the role the media plays in helping the community understand the state of Cleveland’s children, in particular how we can create equitable environments and promote children’s well-being.