We The People: A Community Conversation

Join us to discuss issues important to the Susquehanna Valley and central Pennsylvania, and make your voice heard as we meet together to develop a statewide movement for a Pennsylvania that works for all of us – not just the wealthy & powerful!

It’s time to challenge the misguided belief that everyone benefits when politicians cut taxes on corporations and the rich and slash investments in our schools and critical community services. We the People must come together and build a movement that addresses our needs – the working people of Pennsylvania and our families – instead of giving handouts to corporations and delivering big breaks exclusively to politicians’ rich friends. This community conversation is a first step in building such a movement, and we need your help to identify the challenges facing our children, our seniors, and our at-risk neighbors and friends.

A diverse group of local and statewide organizations, including the Pennsylvania Budget & Policy Center, the Keystone Research Center, and Keystone Progress are working together to hold this community conversation in the Susquehanna Valley and in every region of Pennsylvania, launching a movement in 2018 to put Pennsylvania back on the right track for years to come.
Please join us to hear from local community leaders and to share your concerns and suggestions about how to build a Pennsylvania that works for ALL of us!