Classless Comedy Night

Join Charleston Democratic Socialists of America in welcoming comedian and activist Arish Singh.

Local comedians Lily Slay and Shawna Jarrett Jarret will also be performing!

The comedy of Arish Singh, with its unique fusion of absurdist humor and political commentary, has been praised by many, and described by many others as, “Yeah, definitely not my thing.” Singh has opened for national acts like Tim Heidecker (Tim & Eric), Hasan Minhaj (The Daily Show) and Kamau W. Bell (Totally Biased), and has performed on stand-up showcases like Hot Tub with Kurt Braunohler & Kristen Schaal, Andy Kindler’s Particular Show and Chicago’s Comedians You Should Know. In 2017, Singh features in the Indie Orlando Comedy Festival, the Memphis Comedy Festival, the Crom Comedy Festival and the Bridgetown Comedy Festival.

Singh appeared in the Triumph the Insult Comic Dog 2016 Election Special, but as a political protester, not a comedian. In January 2016, Singh made national news for protesting at a Donald Trump rally where he and fellow comedian and activist Taylor Williams were ejected for unfurling a banner reading “stop hate.” Singh followed up by putting on fundraiser stand-up shows for CAIR and the Sikh Coalition, two groups committed to fighting hate crimes. He used the shows to discuss how the right’s political use of Islamophobia has affected life for Sikhs and Muslims and other minority groups in the United States.

Singh co-produces SolidHilarity, a comedy show that fundraises for activist groups and labor unions, and he is a proud contributor to the pungently political and humorous podcasts of the “dirtbag left,” such as Street Fight Radio and the Katie Halper show, a program where he discussed the outcome of the election with comedian Judah Friedlander. Singh believes, more than ever, another world is possible: Chardi Kala.

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Shawna Jarrett
Shawna Jarrett is a stand-up comic based in Charleston, SC who came to the stage with over a decade of experience as a humor writer, cartoonist, and essayist. Along with stand-up, she is the lead comic on the Charleston Comedy Tour, writes/produces sketch comedy, hosts the monthly Get Up! Open Mic Comedy Night at Tin Roof, and produces a variety of showcases and concept shows. She is also the producer of the Charleston Comedy Mixtape anthology and several other projects as part of Comedy Cabal, a series of joint ventures with fellow comic and friend Joseph Coker. Her material ranges from confessional to broad, including topics like gender and sexuality, Venn diagrams, Kmart, and her home state of Florida. If you live in West Ashley, there is a 60% chance you’ve bought drugs in her neighborhood at some point.

This event is FREE.

Charleston Democratic Socialists of America will have a table at the door and will be collecting donations to help us fund our upcoming projects.