Die-in to protest Graham-Cassidy healthcare repeal

It’s time to show up and stand up YET AGAIN! Graham has sponsored the awful Graham-Cassidy bill that they are trying to ram through the senate before September 30th. We will stage a Die-In to get some media attention about the fact that Graham is sponsoring this heartless bill. You can show up with any signs you want, but the theme is tombstone shaped signs. We will march, present our concerns to Graham’s staffers, and lie down with our tombstones on the village green. It’s a powerful protest that’s been done by many groups across the country including our own last spring. Read up on this awful and heartless bit of legislation here: https://www.indivisibleguide.com/resource/trumpcare-another-name-graham-cassidy/

In addition, would anyone be interested in participating in a continous vigil outside of Graham’s office with signs after the event? we could keep going in shifts during the day all the was til the bill gets voted on if enough of us are willing. Comment below if you are interested.