Austin Workers Strike Back: LABOR DAY

Join Fast Food workers as they announce the formation of the first ever Low Wage Worker Nationwide Union!

We’re fed up with lawmakers who have blocked minimum wage increases and gutted union rights. Join us this Labor Day, September 4, along with Fight for $15 workers in over 300 cities going on strike and declare that America Needs Unions!

Good union jobs in factories once created stable, secure work that allowed families to thrive. Service work is now the backbone of our economy, but too many Americans who work in these jobs are falling behind, so for the first time ever, fast food workers are forming a union and taking to the streets!

There has never been a more effective poverty eradication program and unions today are on the front lines of justice movements across the country. If we want justice, we need unions.

Protests will kick off early Labor Day morning! Stand with us and let’s come together to demand justice in our economy!