Being Homeless Is Not a Crime Rally & “No Sit / No Lie” Play

UPDATE: The location and timing of this event has been changed to correspond with the 2018 FAIR HOUSING SUMMIT. Please check back for additional updates soon!

Being homeless is NOT a crime. Yet, the City of Austin has three local ordinances that specifically target and criminalize homeless people for panhandling, camping and sitting or lying down.

These ordinances cannot deter people from living outside because they simply have nowhere else to go. As long as there is insufficient shelter space in Austin, no amount of punishment will stop people from violating these ordinances. Criminal citations also make it more difficult for homeless people to secure housing and employment – meaning these ordinances actually help keep people homeless.

Some mistakenly believe that giving homeless people tickets and arresting them is the best way to link them with services, but only a small percentage of people cited actually receive services and there is little evidence that connecting people to services through the court system is either effective or efficient.

Please join us at the Convention Center on Tuesday, April 3 @ 9am in support of an immediate repeal of these ordinances and to use the money saved to actually link people with services and housing. Stick around for an amazing performance of “No Sit/No Lie,” a play by the Gathering Ground Theatre group made up of people who experience homelessness in Austin, TX, and their allies.