Community Forum on Energy Democracy

The way Vermonters, and the country, consume energy is changing rapidly in the face of a global climate crisis.

Communities have long been privileged to not live next to their energy production, but that’s no longer a sustainable model. At the same time, communities must be at the center of all future discussions around the siting and ownership of renewable energy.

So, how do we move forward in a way that ensures broad community input and participation about our town’s future and who controls the resources that will power our community for generations to come? It’s called Energy Democracy.

Energy democracy is about putting community at the center of all renewable energy discussions, including who is at the table making decisions and even who owns, and benefits most, from renewable power.

Against the backdrop of two controversial solar projects in Bennington, come learn more about the key principles of RAD”s Energy Democracy campaign and how it could help shape Bennington’s energy future.