WCSU SGA Town Hall Meeting – Undocumented Students

The WCSU SGA (Student Govt Association) is hosting a “Town Hall” on Institutional Aid for Undocumented Students

Wednesday, Feb 28th – 3:30pm
Midtown Student Center Theater
181 White Street, Danbury, CT

Questions about institutional aid? What can we do about the lack of access to higher education for undocumented students?

Come ask your questions, learn, and listen to our panelists.


What is institutional Aid?
Institutional Aid is student-generated funds that colleges set aside from tuition revenue in order to be used as need-based aid to support students with demonstrated financial need.
Institutional Aid is funded by tuition dollars that all students pay, it’s not tax or state funded.

Why is undocumented students not having access to this aid an issue?
Undocumented immigrant students contribute to these funds by paying tuition, but DO NOT have access to the pool of aid they help fund. This is unfair. All students should have access to the scholarships that are created from their very own tuition dollars