May Day Rally for Workers and Immigrants

“Millions have marched and tens of thousands shut down airports. But Trump is not backing down. The time is ripe for an escalation of the resistance against Trump and his attacks on immigrants’, women’s, and workers’ rights.

The next possible date to prepare massive collective resistance is May Day, known and celebrated around the world as International Worker’s Day. For more than 100 years, this day is celebrated to remind the world of the Haymarket martyrs who were fighting for an 8-hour day, and to defend workers’ and unions’ rights. Since May Day 2006, when strike action for immigrant rights succeeded in pushing back attacks from Republicans, this day has been also linked to the struggle against racism and for immigrant rights.

The idea of strikes across the country on May Day is spreading. Teachers, nurses and public sector unions across the country are calling for work stoppages. We need to build upon this with workplace and union discussions about strike actions, mobilization in our campuses and communities and preparation to defend anyone faced with victimization for protesting on May Day.

If masses of working class people withhold their labor, it will hit the billionaire class where it hurts: their profits. This is the language that they understand. A one day strike all across the U.S. will not solve all of the problems we have with Trump and the billionaire class, but it will show the power of working people – not the least to the working class ourselves”

-Kshama Sawant, City Councilmember in Seattle and Socialist Alternative Activist