What is Carbon Pricing?

Have you been wondering what “Carbon Pricing” is or what a “Carbon Pollution Fee and Rebate” would be?

It is a broad, market-based initiative that is critical to lowering carbon emissions. Virtually all economist support this approach and it has been successfully implemented around the world. Massachusetts currently has two bills in the State House (S1821 and H1726) that would put a fee on carbon pollution. MA legislation is particularly important because it can become a model for other states and our country. There is a coalition of groups working to pass these bills. This presentation will include ways that you can help pass this essential legislation.

“What is Carbon Pricing?” presentation by Mary Jo Maffei, Chair, Carbon Pollution Fee and Rebate Committee, Climate Action Now

At the Hitchcock Center, Amherst
Wednesday, September 27th at 7pm . Free.
All are welcome!