One NFTA pass for all Buffalo Students

We need to keep the pressure on the Buffalo Board of Education to ensure that the 20 year old NFTA pass system for students with 5 different colors and times! We want one pass so that students can get to and from school on the best route for them that keeps them safe. We want full access passes because the Buffalo Board of Education (our tax dollars) pays the full adult fare of $75 a month. We also want real training for the NFTA police in restorative justice practices that ensures our community doesn’t end up in the criminal justice system.

Join the Buffalo Parent Teacher Organization, Buffalo Transit Riders United, Crossroads Collective and many others to speak to this important issue at the Buffalo board of education meeting at Buffalo City Hall room 801 from 5:30pm-7pm you need to call 716-816-3570 in order to get on the speakers list. Contact Rev. Kirk Laubenstein at or 716-892-5877.