Restorative Practices (Family Workshops) by DSC PPU RNW

One of the events in our DSC Dignity In Schools Week of Actions Events.

Peace Center Coordinator/Trainer at Community Organizing and Family Issues (COFI) In Chicago Illinois… Karen Lynn Morton The Trainer

We love this woman. Please join us and allow her to love you up!.

Hi Everyone I am Karen Lynn Morton (call me Lynn) I am passionate about helping women and girls especially become all they desire to be. I am also dedicated to helping school adminstrators and teachers create a restorative atmosphere that will help students excell and teachers love their jobs again.

Restorative Justice Definitions
Restorative Justice (RJ) is a philosophy that is focused on the belief that those affected by harm can work together to repair it and that a collective effort leads to true accountability. Restorative Justice Practices are structured differently from systems we are used to in that they allow for a safe space for people to express their vulnerabilities, strengths, challenges and accomplishments. As a result, the process humanizes all those involved and promotes deeper bonds, a sense of responsibility and healing for all involved – offender, victim, anyone else affected by the crime/offensive action

Restorative Justice in Schools
Restorative Justice is a set of practices and values that holistically prevents and repairs harm, builds community and relationships resulting in a positive, supportive school climate.