Let’s Learn Nahuatl – Native Languages Program


Join us in learning the Nahuatl language, one of the many native languages spoken on our continent prior to the invasion of colonialism.

Before Spanish and English became dominant languages in the Americas, our people spoke hundreds of languages that not only define us as people but shaped our traditions, rituals, and philosophies as Original People of this Continent.

Native Languages Program sponsored by Society of Native Nations, Kalpulli Ameyaltonal Tejaztlan and Maestro Gaudencio Ramirez of the Community of Copalillo, Guerrero, Mexico.

Meet the Instructor:
Gaudencio Ramirez is an endorsed instructor from the Community Council of Copalillo, Guerrero. He will be teaching introductory vocabulary and grammar associated with Nahuatl from Guerrero, Mexico as a part of their campaign, Matij Chihuakan, which focuses on encouraging proactivity of indigenous communities. Over 150k Nahuatl speakers reside in the state of Guerrero and our San Antonio community is engaging in an inter-cultural and trans-national effort to bridge indigenous communities interested in preserving our native languages. Join us!!

The Native Languages Program is a free program sponsored by Society of Native Nations. By partnering with Kalpultin, tribes, and organizations that emphasize Indigenous Education, this program aims to offer classes that promote native language preservation and revival. If you would like to teach a class in your Native language, please contact Frankie Orona.

Kalpulli Ameyaltonal Tejaztlan is a group of families, women, men, and children working together to decolonize, heal and empower through the preservation of the Mexica-Chichimeca Danza tradition. We support social and indigenous justice issues and strive to collaborate with people and organizations that respect and honor our heritage as Indigenous people of Mexico and Central America. For more info contact: Laura Rios Ramirez or Madeleine Santibáñez

CHILDCARE ACTIVITIES AVAILABLE (Please state in the comments the age of your children to help us in preparing materials and activities)

Don’t live in San Antonio or the Central Texas area, NO WORRIES! We will be live streaming and be recording our classes to make them accessible to everyone interested!!


Acompáñenos en una clase introductoria del lenguaje Nahuatl, uno de los varios lenguajes originarios de este continente antes de la invasion del colonialismo.

Antes de que el Español y el Ingles fueran idiomas dominantes en las Americas, nuestros pueblos originarios hablaban cientos de idiomas que nos solo nos identificaban como pueblos, sino tambien formaban parte de nuestras tradiciones, rituales y filosofias como Gente Originaria de este continente.