Online Privacy & Computer Security Basics

In today’s charged atmosphere, activists (and anyone who is politically active) are targeted for surveillance, hacking, and even threats to their safety from police, the government, hackers, even white surpemacists.

In this introductory class, we’ll explain the basics of computer security and offer tips on protecting your privacy online. We’ll talk about using encryption to communicate wiith your friends and comrades, how to select passwords and use a password manager, the basics of Virtual Private Networks, and other introductory topics.

This is a 101 level class for beginners. Bring your smartphone or laptop and we’ll try to answer some simple questions at the end of the class.

MonkeyWrench is located at 110 E North Loop Blvd and near several major bus lines.

This space is wheelchair accessible. A limited amount of free parking is available in front of the store, with much more available on nearby streets.

We strive to make all OSWN? Collective events a space free of oppression, so please leave your hateful garbage at home. For more information on our group, our safer spaces policy and our rules, please see our FAQ:

Thank you to MonkeyWrench Books for offering to open this space up for this training.