Sally Kohn | The Opposite of Hate — with Candy Crowley

CNN commentator Sally Kohn is known for her ability to make friends across the political aisle. As a progressive commentator on Fox News, she went head-to-head with her colleagues on divisive issues, and went on to give two viral TED talks about finding compassion even for your fiercest political enemies. But since the 2016 election, even the famously nice Kohn has found herself wanting to lash out. She saw how angry our political discourse had become—and how angry it made her—and wondered: Where did all this hate come from? In The Opposite of Hate, Kohn investigates the evolutionary and cultural roots of hate, then turns to psychology to explore the thought patterns behind it. Finally, she offers tools for combating these tendencies, giving readers not only hope but concrete ways to step away from the hate that fills our times.

Kohn will be in conversation with Candy Crowley, former chief Political Correspondent for CNN.