Our Revolution North County San Diego September General Meeting

We’re having various local candidates present their platform at ORNCSD Monthly General Meetings in the coming months. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions after you hear their positions. In this way, you can make some decisions, early on, about which candidates merit your support. You can make a difference, when it matters most, in the campaign of your favorite candidates by contributing what you can or volunteering in whatever way you can.

During our previous meeting, in August, the general membership of Our Revolution North County San Diego, you, approved three measures. One of these was to recommend the larger Our Revolution, the national organization, endorse Gayle McLaughlin for Lt. Governor. We are fortunate that Lt. Governor candidate Gayle McLaughlin will join us at this September meeting to present her positions and successes as one of the most progressive leaders and elected officials in the nation.

We are looking forward to the General Meeting of Our Revolution North County San Diego. We are excited to be able to utilize our organization to provide our members and their guests, as well as the public, an opportunity to hear from the candidates, in person, as they address the issues important to you and to democracy.

We hope you will continue to attend our General Membership Meetings each month through November. We want you to be informed about our candidates and we want you to guide ORNCSD with your vote.

As time allows, our usual Action Team work will continue after the candidate presentations, so be looking for an email from your Action Team captain before the General Meeting. We think that newcomers will find an Action Team that interests them.

You’ll find us upstairs, in the Event Room on the west side of Indian Joe Brewing. We are looking forward to meeting up with you on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. See you there!

From the 78 freeway, exit on Sycamore Avenue, and proceed south. Make the first right at the light, onto Thibodo Road. Turn right at the stop sign, onto Watson Way. Proceed north to where Watson Way abuts the freeway. Turn right and park in the Indian Joe Brewing area. There is ample parking. When you enter Indian Joe’s, go up the stairs. You’ll find us behind closed doors on the west side of the building. Open the door to the southern, back end of Indian Joe’s Event Room. Walk right in. Welcome!