CD-6 People’s Town Hall – Mike Coffman

From gutting rules which prevent unnecessary smog from harming our community, to reneging his promised procedural vote to protect DACA recipients, Rep. Mike Coffman has been choosing to vote against what the majority of voters in his district believe.

Please join us with your friends and neighbors for this People’s Town Hall at Aurora Municipal Center’s City Cafe (2nd floor). We’ve invited Rep. Mike Coffman to join us to speak to the concerns of his constituents and await a response from his office.​ In lieu of that, we’ll be asking the same questions to Cardboard Coffman then sending those questions to the congressman’s office.

Volunteers will also be sharing postcards, Letter to the Editor guides and other actions to help our community have their voices heard.

OFA’s motto is Respect, Empower, Include, Organize. We lead with respect as a core value, and ask that all organizing work has that value in mind. When participating in events like this one, you are committing to do so respectfully. ​