MDP Endorsement State Convention (Save the Date)

Scheduled for this election cycle – an “endorsement convention” for the statewide races that do not have primaries, such as, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Board of Education and Supreme Court Justices.

To allow our candidates more time to campaign, the MDP has added an “endorsement convention” in April before the “nomination convention” in August.

MDP Members, this is your chance to determine who the candidates will be in Nov 2018 (there is no primary). We need PROGRESSIVES to show up, like we did in February 2016.

One of the MOST important races, besides Governor, is the Attorney General…and the one to support is Dana Nessel.
Dana is running a grassroots campaign. She is a Wayne County Precinct Delegate, not afraid to knock on doors. And most important, she is not afraid to sue the Federal Government. She has a history of fighting for people, not corporations. Taking the Attorney General’s office back, and returning it to the people.

Stay tuned, more info and events coming.