S.T.E.A.M. Power for Ocasio-Cortez in Congress!

Come help us send Alexandria and people like her and working with her to Congress!We are a network of Artists and Scientists and others who are mostly professional, some experts, some juniors, in “Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, Math” (S.T.E.A.M.) . We want to use Art and Science in media and communications to reach More People and open up More Minds and get More Solid Support and Votes for the Candidates who can best run and manage this country and get things changed for the Good of all of us.We are creating online and forums and talks and using our skills and knowledge toGet The Word Out to People. So starting on August 10, we want to have people coming online (and also in person) so we can work and plan together how to commuicate and reach people with a Few Great Different Tools and Methods – and that’s where the Art and Science comes in!We are INTERNATIONAL and throughout the USA. We are organizing creative ways, online events, and onsite talks, simple and short and to the point, supporting candidates like Alexandria – focusing on her right now, but supporting others ands hopefully more and more. Our methods are to Reach More People who need to know Real Facts, Real News, and get these people to get active, to start thinking, to start Doing, and the biggest thing right now is to get Some Very Right Smart People into Congress, starting with alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. We work to use the powers of what we know about things that need to be Changed and Fast in our society, in our communities, in our states, in our Nation – and yes, in the whole world. America – the USA – needs to become a positive force, instead of continuing in a very negative and destructive way (as things have been for years, and now getting worse). Put the right Persons into Congress, and We CAN Do Something to turn this Country Around before it gets worse and too late.To get started, write to us by email and let’s plan if you will be “in-person” or, more than likely, “online” with Skype, Viber, WhatsApp or other media. My email is martinjoseph@mirnova.org