CD2 Town Hall

It’s time to get the community together again! It’s time to do a 9 month evaluation on our elected officials. It’s time to have a place to voice our concerns about issues. It’s time to plan for the future we want to see.It’s time to see how you can get more involved in your community.
Please join us on Monday August 28th for our gathering at Burnhaven library at 6PM. We will be discussing better use of social media to promote positive outcomes. We will be filling out employee evaluation forms- after all, our elected officials work for us! We will give voice to our collective concerns. We will be discussing future collaborative efforts. We will continue to build community.
Elected officials from throughout CD2 will once again be invited. For those who have chosen not to have their own town halls, this will provide a great opportunity for them to hear constituents concerns. This will also be an opportunity to thank those who have made themselves available.
As always we will be respectful of each others viewpoints and ideas, we will be respectful of our time constraints and we will create positive solutions together. That’s what democracy looks like.
Of course a social gathering will be planned for after as we continue to build relationships among the progressive community.

MN02 Progressive Action Network is a coalition with representatives from a wide range of progressive groups in MN congressional district 2. If your group doesn’t have a rep in the network yet or you’d like more information please email us at