Protect Robert Mueller: Rally & Constituent Mtg at Blunt’s ofc

This event is part of a nationwide week of action devoted to making sure that Rober Mueller is allowed to complete his important investigation. Rally for everyone at 11:30; constituent meeting at noon. Meeting limited to 10 people. Email to reserve a spot for the constituent meeting. In the event of inclement weather, the rally will be cancelled, but the constituent meeting will go forward.

Since MoveOn is also helping to promote this event, we must include the following language:

“Everyone participating in this Event will be required to abide by all applicable laws and lawful orders of authorities. This Event will be nonviolent and will not involve any civil disobedience or other violation of law.”


Donald Trump has threatened to stop the investigation into his campaign’s potential collusion with Russia by firing special counsel Robert Mueller. The threat has only grown as the investigation has gotten closer to the White House, Trump’s family, senior aides, his business dealings and the President himself.

That’s why Congress must act immediately act to prevent Donald Trump from getting himself off the hook by firing special counsel Robert Mueller.

Here is what you can ask Senator Blunt or your Representative:

FOR HOUSE MEMBERS: We’re demanding that [REPRESENTATIVE] co-sponsor new legislation introduced in the House of Representatives by Republican Congressman Walter Jones (NC) and Democratic Congressman John Conyers (MI).

This bill would allow special counsel Robert Mueller to challenge his potential dismissal in federal court. A panel of judges would have to review the challenge within 14 days. This is our best chance to protect Mueller’s investigation and [REPRESENTATIVE NAME]’s support is crucial.

FOR MEMBERS OF THE SENATE: We’re demanding that [SENATOR] support either of the two pieces of bipartisan legislation introduced in the Senate:

Legislation by Republican Senator Thom Tillis (NC) and Democratic Senator Chris Coons (DE) that would allow special counsel Robert Mueller to challenge his potential dismissal in federal court.

Legislation by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) and Democratic Senator Cory Booker (NJ) that would require a judicial review before removing a special counsel from office.

While the two Senate bills take slightly different approaches, both would stop Donald Trump from firing special counsel Mueller — no matter how close he gets to the truth.