Sen. Jeff Jackson Re-Election Kick Off

I’m running for re-election to the North Carolina Senate – and I’m asking for your support.

2018 can be the year we reshape our state’s political landscape. We can pick up the seats we need to unlock the governor’s veto and re-establish political balance. We can get back on track with our investments in public education. We can bring your voice back to the table.

I’m running to help lead that effort. I have a set of issues I feel strongly about – early childhood education, Medicaid expansion, criminal justice reform, ending gerrymandering, and preparing for the automation tsunami through workforce development – but at my core what I’m really working on is giving you a state government that reflects you. Your judgment. Your decency.

That’s why I’m running for re-election, and that’s why I hope you’ll join us for our kick off event. Much of the district is new due to the recent redistricting, so we need to hit the ground running this campaign season. The time to start is now.

I look forward to seeing you – if not at our kick off, then on the campaign trail. Be in touch anytime.